A Better Year

Nov 01, 2021

2021.....yes it is almost over. It has been one of those years, right?
While 2021 came with a lot of struggles for a lot of folks...
I always think that some of the best things in life start to show up when you are struggling the most. I remember this time last year I was thinking, I can't wait to get to 2022. But little did we know things were about to go off the rails! But you know what, even with everything going on and with all the chaos in the world, I am still hopeful and excited for a GREAT 2022.
So what about you? What's your reason to have hope for 2022? Is there anything you've been putting off that you are going to tackle this year? I really hope so, because hope for the future is what keeps us getting out of bed in the morning....so my hope for you is that you have something you are aiming for. I would really like to know something you are looking forward to in 2022. Even if you don't want to share it's a great idea to write down and create around the things you want to work towards in 2022. I think writing and creating in regards to your goals can have a real strong impact on your life. I hope you will share, either way let's have an awesome 2022!

I will be blogging about the differences between a Creative Depth Coach versus a Personal Life Coach.  I am looking forward to writing about this and I hope you will enjoy. Talk to you soon, Cindy