A challenge with a little fun

A few days ago the topic was fun and today it is challenge. I am going to attempt to put these two together.

I have been really sick the last few days and quite frankly I am not a good sick person. I don't enjoy resting for long periods of time, going to the doctor, and all the other things that go along with being sick. It's been almost four days with this illness and now it's impacting my mental health. 

Fast forward; I am talking to my little sister and she asks, "have you been walking?" I walk everyday as exercise, endorphin raising, and a lot of times for social reasons. When she asked that question I realized I had not walked in four days, since I have been sick. 

My sister was very adamant about getting outside, even if I didn't feel like it. I reluctantly put on my walking shoes and coat, and headed outside. We checked in with each other to see if we were both walking and then we checked in after the walk. For about the first 30 minutes I was negotiating with myself about how long I would walk. I realized that at 40 minutes I was no longer negotiating. I was just walking and in the flow.  I ended up walking for 60 minutes. 

I really don't think I would have walked today if my sis hadn't called. I am so glad I did as I was able to work through this sickness challenge, (at least for a while) and have some fun with it too. 

What do you do to move through a challenge?