Elements of a Creative Depth Coach

Today I want to share with you the elements or ways in which I approach my work as a Creative Depth Coach. I oftentimes get asked what do I do. Yes, I am an artist and I love anything creative but what I really enjoy is creating in the context of self-discovery. It is ongoing work that inspires me to find images to create a collage, or use mixed media to discover my inner child more, or journaling with art to explore one of my archetypes. 

When I work with my clients I want them to discover on their own and the most effective way to do that is with expressive arts. Art experience is not required only a desire to examine your journey using expressive arts. 

After an initial discovery call with a potential client we then decide on the focus. It is a WE conversation. Clients always know what is holding them down and want to rise up out of the darkness they are experiencing. Some clients have nothing holding them down but they may need focus and we would then channel energy using the creative. 

As I guide clients we design our work to be balanced between intuition, creativity, experiential learning, and applied practice. My coaching with clients is a multilayered experience using learning styles and offering the space to be heard. 

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