Jan 07, 2022

The opposite of fear is love. We all have experienced fear-the fear of something or someone. The fear that has come up for me a few times in my life is the fear of failure. The fear of failure stops any forward motion I might have. I become fearful that people will look at what I am doing as to woo, woo, or weird, I am just too much! This is a limiting belief.

Once I get through that limiting belief, then there is the fear of what if no one shows up. Maybe, I am not popular enough, or I don't know enough people, or I am not enough, or I will be rejected. This is a limiting belief.

On top of that limiting belief there is the fear of people showing up and I disappoint them, or I feel incapable, or I am a fraud. This is a limiting belief.

And finally, the fear of working so hard to put together an amazing event---and they don't come back. I think I didn't create enough transformation, or I didn't make a difference. This is a limiting belief.

Can you relate to this? But here is the deal, the fears I have described are not who I am and the same goes for you!

To help me shift my mindset, I use this mantra and hopefully you can use it to shift your mindset too. 

"This is not who I AM this is what I 

LEARNED. And if I learned it, I can

unlearn it."