Part II - Pushing Things Under The Rug

No, these truths don't just go away, and until they are given the notice they deserve they can continue to cause us pain, drain our energy, and keep us longing for what is next. To ignore the truth of our needs, desires, hurts, disappointments, and dreams we begin to abandon ourselves. Self-abandonment is a very intimate form of pain. 

Now matter how beautiful our rug is or how good we are at tidying around it, or how hidden we have managed to keep our stuff, these things affect us everyday, in subtle at not so subtle ways. Not only do they affect us they affect those we love, too. 

We are not often encouraged to straighten out our messy aspects. Growing up we may not have been given permission to share our truths and our full stories. 

For me and my truths and stories, I began to respect myself and eventually love myself, therefore I was not capable of partial true telling. 

I needed to take the stuff out from under my rug or else I would continue to live in misery. I did not want to do that to myself or to the people I loved. 

Part III of this article will start off with what I do know.