Nov 05, 2021

2022 is just about upon us and I have been reflecting on 2021. I read the other day that most resolutions fail around January 17th. I don't know what the actual data is on that statement; however I can say that for me it's accurate. Forever, I have had some kind of health goal and it usually has something to do with my weight. So, of course I had that goal again this year. It's no surprise that I threw that goal out the window. As it was going out the window, I stopped it from landing on the other side of the window. I said, "wait", what if I revise it. And revise, I did. I am revising it for 2022.

I decided to think of my health in a whole different way. This is what I have decided to do for 2022 and I believe I can do these things successfully.

  • I will move everyday. At my age, moving is important. I also move in community. My choice of movement is walking. I walk everyday either with a friend, or my 99 Walks community, (I am not getting a kick back from mentioning this community.) It is an app and I really love the supportive nature of everything they do.
  • I am reading, "Health at Every Size." I just started reading this but the premise is that it's not about a diet. Believe you me, I have tried everything. It's about tuning into our bodies and finding the joy in movement and the food we eat.
  • I will create daily. Since 2015, I have tuned into my creative side. Creativity can be anything: cooking, painting, meditating, dancing, sewing, tangling, anything that inspires us.

That's it, three things that are doable and inspire me. If you are doing some reflecting, I would love to know what comes up for you. Here is to 2022!