Tangled Totems

Aug 15, 2021

I recently found myself interested in totem poles. I read the book, "Totem Poles" by Pat Kramer. I was intrigued by the cedar tree and the cedar bark. The wood from the cedar tree is associated with female energy and is called the the "Long Life Maker". Each cedar tree contains the spirit of a "kindly sister" who is helpful to us in all aspects of life. "Respect the tree as you would a helpful sister".
After looking over several totem poles and looking at their elements I thought what could I do that would be creative and integrate the use of totem poles. The picture above is the first totem pole that I made. I actually used cedar paper and than added designs, tangles, and marks.
After making a few, using different materials, I thought it would be fun to offer a class. I have called the class "Tangled Totems" and you can read all about it, under my online courses.