The Day After

Nov 26, 2021

A lot of us, including me, struggle with the festive season of Thanksgiving, (USA) to Christmas. The season has been lengthened by marketing ploys of let's put up lights, trees, and on and on right around Halloween.  It used to be that the standard was to decorate after Thanksgiving.  Apparently, I missed the announcement that the standard had changed. 

I do enjoy watching football on Thanksgiving but the whole family thing is not usually my cup of tea. I think the reason is that I am really part introvert and when I'm in a social event for too long I must exit to regain my energy. I think part of it is also that as I have aged I just enjoy being at home with my husband and our pooches. That is pure bliss to me!

And then there is Black Friday. I have never taken up with that chaos. I don't get why masses of people go out and stand in lines to get into a store to buy a 72 inch TV that is supposedly on sale. Yikes. 

Now that I have re-read this blog it sounds like I am a real Bah Hum Bug. Yes, I am an introverted Bah Hum Bug that likes football.  Now I think I'll go make a turkey sandwich.

Let me know what your take is on the holiday season. I won't judge!