What Is An Oracle?

Dec 02, 2021

I admit I have probably 10 different types of Oracle Decks. I use them periodically to pick a random card to see what inspiration I can glean from the image and message. 

 What is an oracle? The Merriam Webster definition says;

1:in ancient Greece:  a person (such as a priestess) through whom a god was believed to speak consulting an oracle
2: the place (such as a shrine) where people went to ask questions of an oracle
3: an answer or message given by an oracle
Oracle cards are an ancient way to receive guidance, predict the future, and discern the truth of any situation or relationship or to just have some fun. 
Yesterday, I was at my good friend's house for a creative play date. Before we dug in to all the fun and messiness, we each chose a card from the Messages From Your Animal Guides Oracle Card deck by Steven D. Farmer.  My friend's card was the tortoise and mine was the rattlesnake.  The tortoise suggests that my friend was too fragmented and suggested that she do anything it takes to get grounded. This was right on, and we were doing an activity that would help her get grounded. 
My card, the rattlesnake, says that the experiences I am going through are an initiation into fulfilling my purpose as a healer. I am not a traditional healer; however, I facilitate and guide women to explore all their possibilities through expressive arts as the methodology. 
Right as we were finishing up with our conversations around our spirit animals, my friend's husband entered the room to see what we were up to. He immediately saw the deck of cards and started making critical remarks about tarot and he then wondered if we were doing some kind of a seance. I really like my friend's husband and we have all known each other for 50 years but at this point I thought to myself, hmmm, I am learning something new about him. I asked him if he would like to pick a card - he did and he chose the honeybee card. The honeybee stated that he needed to let compassion and forgiveness be his top priority in this situation. Is that perfect or what? Every time he came into the room, I would call out his new name, honeybee!! Our animal spirit guides were meant to be, on this day, and I think we all learned from each other. 
And we made some beautiful art. What do you think about oracle cards?