Welcome Creative Spirit!


I'm Cindy Winsel

As a natural born teacher and facilitator, I’ve consciously merged my 35-years as a teacher and educator with my in-depth training as a Certified Creative Depth Coach, Certified Zentangle® Teacher, Soul Collage® Facilitator,JourneyCircles™ Facilitator and MoonCircles™ Guide to empathically and joyfully guide women to tap into their creativity through expressive arts as tools for healing and transformation. 

My friend, I know first-hand of the healing power of creativity from my own personal transformation out of addiction in 2015. I courageously chose to enter into deep creative exploration to shake up my assumptions and allow space to discover my sacred truth and self-limiting stories.

I love coaching and working with women ready to step into creative exploration as a tool for healing. My coaching offers a unique blend of psycho-spiritual awareness, various expressive arts as well as mindfulness, archetypal presence,experiential processes,and journey work. Together we will develop your own exciting insights and approaches that will help you awaken to possibility.


Cindy Winsel

Yes, I'm ready to discover the power of creative play!

You don't have to identify as a creative to reap the benefits of a daily creativity practice. Even 15-minutes a day offers a wealth of benefits to your emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. The Nurture Your Creative Spirit E-Guide includes 'Tips to Creating Space for Creativity', Supplies to Have on Hand', and 4 Ways to Nurture Your Creative Spirit'.