Art Pathways

It is exciting to entertain various art pathways. As you create I recommend exploring several creative ways, and still utilizing your favorite mediums and modalities!

Art-making is energetic, you engage mark-making through the body. Mark-making is a passage to inner discovery. As you create with various mediums and forms it will activate emotions, memories, energies, intuitive knowing and stories of who you have been and who you are.

Visual Narrative is a powerful tool to access healing, personal growth and transformation.

Whether you are joining me in a course where we will explore creative play and symbolic stories, or work with me 1:1 with personal insight and art as process, these creative ways are the TOP SIX CREATIVE WAYS for me and my clients to explore both intuitive and intentional art-making!

Soul Collage®

Soul Collage® is a wonderful way to tap into imagination and intuition, using found images from magazines to explore the soul's knowing. Tap into the four suits to explore metaphor and meaning. You will be gathering, blending and weaving energy from various images onto one rectangle card. Through creating, inhabiting and reading your cards, you will discover single archetypal energies that can offer insight and develop ongoing practice.

JourneyCircles™ & MoonCircles™

JourneyCircles™ and MoonCircles™ are powerful and dynamic modalities with multiple sized circle cards, used to connect to experience and personal stories of the past, present and future. Single journeys within each sacred circle can be profound but pattern play and expanded process is what makes this approach sing. Using collage and mixed-media these are flexible containers for art-making and meaning-making. Explore your stories and develop a strong connection to creative depth and process.

Process Painting

This type of painting is a very intuitive and can embody your present emotions. Using a paint type of your choice you will experience a freedom from control to capture your developing emotions and thoughts.

Mixed Media

This method of self-exploration blends paint, mark making, collage, photos, and miscellaneous objects on a surface. Surfaces can be paper, canvas, cardstock, clay board, and other various forms. To expand the process, adding, layering, and combining images, words, and various media may be utilized.

Zentangle® & Tangling

I learned the art method of Zentangle® several years ago and I found it to be extremely meditative and calming. Around the same time, I became a Certified Zentangle® Teacher and many of my clients enjoy this method of discovery. Tangling is an art method whereby repetitive patterns are used to create beautiful, one of a kind designs. Through the use of repetitive motion, it provides introspection and a calming effect.
Art Journal and Book Arts

This process can be used independently or combined with other modalities. As you explore your life stories using narrative, using images, word art, collage, painting, and writing within your journal can evoke emotions and bring awareness to honoring your stories.

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"Art Heals by activating the medicine of the Creative Imagination"
Shaun McNiff

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