I am Cindy Winsel


As a seeker of knowledge, I bring my passion as an expressive artist, teacher, facilitator and creative depth coach to all of my experiences in this journey called life. 

After retiring from a thirty-five-year career in public education, I was called to explore my options and take myself in a new direction. 

Transitional times bring unexpected loss, the shock of retiring was that for me and it became an opportunity to discover new ways to experience living out loud. 

I moved into creative exploration to shake up my assumptions and allow space to discover my 


stuck stories. I found that expressive arts offered beautiful tools and approaches to assist healing and potential.

I KNOW that creative expression, coaching and conscious awareness can bring amazing change into your life. I can say this because it has changed mine...

My vision is to bring this work to thousands of women who are ready for deeper healing and finding

new direction that allows them to live out loud.

My mission is to offer a safe and creative space for clients to dive deep and utilize art as process to expand one's vision for their own self-discovery and life journey.

My passion, commitment and dedication to journey and depth work offer a unique blend of coaching approaches and creative alternatives that will support healing, self-expression, acceptance and awareness that brings balance and wholeness to day to day life. 

My offerings provide both individual and co-creative exploration of journey work, various art

approaches and depth coaching.

Certification + Education

My new career path is based in depth work, expressive arts and transformational learning

which feeds my intellect and soul.

I have worked with many teachers to find powerful tools and approaches to bring to my work

and offer you many ways to engage your own journey.


  • Certified Creative Depth Coach
  • Certified Zentangle® Teacher
  • SoulCollage® Facilitator
  •  JourneyCircles™ Facilitator
  • MoonCircles™ Guide
  • Depth Work + Mentoring with Cat Caracelo


  • Administrative Degree in Secondary Education and Educational Leadership
  • Masters in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities
  • Bachelors of Elementary Education + Special Education