Individual Depth Coaching

Enter into the sacred space of coaching; using depth, creative insight, and your own wisdom to establish healing and connections that coaching provides.

As a coach I work with individuals who are ready and wanting to explore deeper layers of their life stories. Many of my clients are experiencing a transition, navigating change or are moving through various stages of grief and loss. Each is seeking an opening that will provide clarity and movement that allows for transformational change.

Coaching sessions are powerful collaborative spaces, offering a supportive and nurturing environment. Within our sessions we will explore various approaches, uniquely designed for you to support your distinctive needs and experiences.

Within the inquiry and depth work we will explore art making and mark making that offers you powerful ways to experience your own energetic awareness, visual narrative and reflective imagery that provide tremendous opportunity for growth.

The past, as well as present and future can be equally explored within a depth coaching approach. This will serve the deeper healing that is wanting your attention, and moves energy that often opens up possibilities and pathways that feel more aligned.

The tools of image, symbol, metaphor, inner dialog, narrative stories and embodied expression that are offered in my coaching sessions, will guide you to restorative healing and wholeness. My coaching includes elements of expressive arts as well as mindfulness, psycho-spiritual awareness, parts work, archetypal presence, experiential process and journey work. You will develop you own exciting insights and approaches in our sessions, that will help you awaken possibility.

With me as your guide, I offer a safe and sacred space for you to explore, share, and be witnessed. Please contact me to set up a 30 minute Discovery Session to explore your interest in coaching.

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