Emotional Growth

Loneliness. Fear. Self-doubt. Self-criticism. Self-judgement.  These feelings lie at the center of the shadowy mask of many women today--even women who seem to have it all. Regardless of how successful we may seem to others or how much we've achieved in our lives, we're often our worst enemy, our most harsh critic.

We might catch a glimpse of ourselves in a mirror and think, "I look old and tired. I look fat." Or we lose a job through no fault of our own and tell ourselves, "I'm a failure. I can't do anything right." Perhaps our marriage ends, or we yell at our children, and we tell ourselves, "I'm a terrible person. I don't deserve to be loved."

That's why emotional healing is so powerful and important. Personal growth cannot happen without it. Until we untangle the web of hurtful and damaging emotions that prevent us from seeing our true selves, we will continue to put ourselves down and believe that something is wrong with us. And that belief will stop us from achieving our full brilliance or be aware of our true value as a unique, beautiful, and worthwhile person.

The "Tangled Emotions" community is offered as an addition for your journey, you will answer your own questions through discovery. You will be exposed to avenues of exploration and to share your experiences with others on the same path. Some of the things that you will experience might be mindfulness, meditation, creative processes to untangle your emotions, journaling and much more...all in a supportive community.
Ultimately, the journey of emotional healing and sobriety is deeply personal--and it is the work of a lifetime. Our search for emotional truth and happiness, once begun, never really ends, because the addition of experiences and learning cannot help but affect our awareness of ourselves and others. The way we think about something at the age of thirty-five is likely to be different by the time we reach sixty-five. 
As we acknowledge, understand, examine and come to terms with the feelings we have tried so hard to push down and to run away from, we can begin to let go of our old selves, and the negative ways we think about ourselves. We start to see ourselves more clearly and to recognize our own strengths, values, and virtues.

As we begin to heal, we take steps toward understanding our emotions and how to manage them, to become whole and accept our magnificence and potential.