I just returned from an art retreat in California and I am so inspired. I first went to this art retreat 2 years ago, before COVID, and I was over the moon to go back this year. 

It was a very small group and that made it all the better because we connected on a deeper level than we would have otherwise. We ate all our meals together, we created together, we learned together, we saw the Van Gogh experience together and we went to the ocean together. 

It was five days of happiness and laughter. I had forgotten what it was like to laugh to the core of my being. We shed a few tears too as we spoke about our art. Some have been creating for years and some just a short time. It really was magical. I was inspired by my fellow artists, our instructor, and our surroundings. 

This experience will keep me going and bring insights into my work with my creative depth coaching clients. If you are needing inspiration, sign-up for a free consultation at