Slices of Life

I have completed many of these pie graphs, so to speak, along my life journey. I find them interesting to determine where an area is that has strong energy for me. 

The words can of course change but the essence is the same. On this graph, I divided it into ten sections and then put the word in that section. I then put an X where I feel I am presently. 10 being strong and 1 being low. 1 is toward the center and 10 is on the rim. I then use color to fill in each pie segment. Finally, I attach each segment together. 

I find this circle interesting with the words that are ringing true for me; however, you can choose to use any words that fit for you. As you look at mine, you see that health, connection, and healing are lower than the rest. That does not mean it is bad. There is no good or bad, just areas that are priorities. I am currently pulling in space and energy for those three areas. I believe by doing that, then all the areas will be supported and aligned. 

Try it for yourself and let me know what you come up with.