Tangles, Tangles, Tangles

As a lot of you know I love to tangle. It was my first stop into my now world of creativity. Anyone can do it, it's portable, fun, and relaxing. 

I have a group I meet with weekly called The Tangle Zone and we come together to talk and tangle. I teach a few new tangles each week and we create with those tangles or any of the tangles we enjoy. 

Tangling has a lot of analogies to life. One is that in tangling there are no mistakes only oop-ortunities to embrace a new opportunity. I think life is a lot like that. We all have ups and downs in life and when the challenges come around it is a great opportunity to decide how to move through the challenge and create something positive. That is just how tangling works, when we think we have made a mistake we look at it and decide what if we did this, or what can we make this into or maybe we just leave it that way.

If you want to learn more about this art method peruse my website and I hope to see you in a class or as part of The Tangle Zone!