Thank you

Every once in awhile I listen to talk radio. That once in awhile was today as I was driving back home from playing pickleball.  That's another story for another time. I was glad that I listened today. 

The guest was talking about a program called the Motorcycle Relief Program. This is a non profit organization that serves veterans and first responders with PTSD. I was fascinated due to the fact that many people who have gone through the program have found it better than years of therapy. They attribute this to the comradery they create through the motorcycle ride, the classes, and being in a safe space to lay their feelings out on the table without judgement. 

I have checked out their website to find out more and I know at this time they are mostly needing donations due to not being able to have their big fundraiser last year due to the pandemic and with this year taking a hit too. Most of the people that participant give back by volunteering, therefore they don't need volunteers at this time. 

Since it's Veteran's Day, I thought I would share what I learned today. I think this is a great cause to donate to and I will be donating for sure. 

Finally, thank you to all veterans and military personnel that are currently serving to bring everlasting freedom to the United States.