The Final Blog For This UBC.

Nov 30, 2021

Today is the end, or is it? I have not been consistent each day; however, I did it when I could. No excuses, although I was quite ill for about 10 days, I just mostly didn't have the flow going, on the days I missed. 

I came across a reading this morning and it talks about gestation. The author, Dr. Judith Orloff says that gestation is a period of growth and development from within....

I think that is where I am right now. I am cuddling up to the darker season, like a bear in hibernation. I think I can learn from this hibernation and gestation. I am preparing for my renewal in spring. Shorter days and longer nights help me with my deeper meditations, grounding into the earth, and locating my center.

I am currently called to withdraw within to find answers. I am listening more to the sounds of silence. I am hopeful that my creative impulses arise out of nothingness as my active mind can step aside to allow revelations to surface. Simply staying receptive and still and knowing that I don't have to manifest anything is where my spirit is. 

I will let go to the mystery of life as the darkness builds naturally and leads to discovering my light within. 

Where are you at this season of your life?