The Stall

The word "stall" verb; (from the Merriam Webster Dictionary)

1: to put into or keep in a stall
2obsolete : INSTALL sense 2
3a: to bring to a standstill : BLOCKespecially : MIRE
b: to cause (an engine) to stop usually inadvertently
c: to cause (an aircraft or airfoil) to go into a stall

intransitive verb

1: to come to a standstill (as from mired wheels or engine failure)
2: to experience a stall in flying
And of course, it is many times used as a noun to define a compartment like a horse stall or shower stall.
I am using it here as a verb. Like right now, I am stalling, don't have the words, can't find the words, or am I fearful of what might happen if I put my stuff out there.
I went gang busters with my short videos unveiling myself and what I was seeking and now it has been at least a week since then and I have done nothing to progress forward. 
ENOUGH of being small...shout it out!! Shout it out to the world. I am worth it!
Through years of discovering the true me, I found creativity, or I will say creativity found me and literally saved my life with other factors playing a part too. Creativity has had and continues to have a profound impact on me. 
I am six years sober, and I am looking for women who are searching for more with their own personal growth and emotional sobriety. 
These are my thoughts as I share with others what I am birthing out into the world. 
This would be a group for women that have 3-5 years in recovery and are looking for something more for their personal growth and emotional sobriety.
  • We will meet for 2 hours, monthly
  • We will explore a different topic each month and resources will be supplied prior to our meeting
  • You will learn and engage in creative play
  • You will discover the language of tangled emotions
  • It will be a safe space for levity, deepness, serenity, and everything in between
  • It will definitely be fun and lots of laughter will happen
  • No art experience is necessary - zip, none, nada
  • An opportunity to get curious and wonder

Your feedback is always welcome, and this will be rolling out soon, because I have put it out there. Woohoo!!